Professional development resources

The following handouts, essays, examples, etc. are intended for students in Purdue's Department of English, but I all are welcome to use them as needed. Feel free to copy and/or share; just cite what you use.

I'm happy to share more documents—applications for grants, tenure & promotion materials, IRB protocols, instruments for research, etc.—with Purdue students or others in writing studies. Just get in touch.

Creating a resume or curriculum vita
A venerable handout I created with Amy Patrick Mossman for professional development at WIU. See also this evaluation checklist.
Developing elevator pitches
Slide deck from a talk and workshop for the Purdue PW Club
Grant writing 101
A brief introduction to grant writing including suggestions for future reading. Customized for the Crow project, but generally useful.
Resources for responding to student writing
Materials from a talk I gave to first-year TAs at Purdue in Spring 2015, including samples of assignments, handouts, response guides, etc.

Professional web sites

A selection of web portfolios created by Purdue students:

My job market materials from 2002

I prepared these following materials in fall 2002 and spring 2003, while I was a PhD candidate at the University of Florida. I sought a tenure-track position an assistant professor of English, teaching composition studies and new media.

I sent WIU an application in October 2002, interviewed at MLA in December 2002, visited the campus in Febrary 2003, and accepted their offer in late February.

Bradley Dilger's web stuff