Bradley Dilger

Associate Professor, Department of English, Purdue University
309-259-0328 ~ ~ @cbdilger

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I study and teach writing transfer, networks, and programs using mixed empirical methods. I'm starting my fourth year at Purdue University after working eleven years at Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois.

Surveying the field, coordinating research: presentation for CWPA 2017

Selected scholarship

I have two central research projects. First, a collaborative longitudinal study of writing transfer, with sixteen student and fourteen faculty participants from a regional state comprehensive university. My collaborator Neil Baird and I are writing up our findings as a series of articles:

I'm also developing Crow, the Corpus & Repository of Writing, with Shelley Staples, Bill Hart-Davidson, and a team of graduate and undergraduate students from Purdue, Arizona State, and Michigan State University. Here's the talk about Crow I'm giving to Purdue's ESL Go! on September 23, 2016. (Or as a PDF.)

Other scholarship

I also have more recent work in the collection Florida (Jeff Rice, ed, Parlor 2015) and the forthcoming collection Networked Humanities (Brian McNely, ed, Parlor 2016).

Current teaching (Fall 2017)

ENG 309, Computer-aided Publishing

Past courses are archived.

Conference presentation materials

Other stuff

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