Last week of classes: Update

English 306, Fall 2015, Bradley Dilger

One stop shopping as we wind down our semester:

  1. First and most important: given that many of you have asked for extensions on several things, I will accept all coursework up to Tue 12/15 (the morning of Wed 12/16). You don't need to ask; just take the time if you need it (though a courtesy email to let me know would be nice). Projects, revisions of memos, whatever: it's all due 12/15 now.

  2. Our last class is Thu, 12/10. I will have some availability in office hours after that, but things should be winding down pretty quickly. So please ask ASAP if you need face time with me.

  3. For that last class, please review Anson & Forsberg, so that tomorrow we can talk about situated learning, your research / web project, and the course. We’ll spend about 30 minutes on that, and then you’ll have the rest of the class period for studio time.

  4. Don't forget to complete the Purdue course evaluation by 11:59pm, Sunday, December 13.

  5. Please complete your second participation evaluation by 12/15. I have been assigning grades and reviewing them fairly quickly so far and will continue to do so.

  6. I have not yet uploaded grades on web project drafts but will do so before Friday.

  7. I have not yet commented on first memo revisions but will do so before Friday. You may turn in a (second) memo revision up to 12/15.

  8. Once I have reviewed all of your projects and other work, about 12/20, I will be emailing you brief comments and entering grades in Blackboard. Please contact me if you would like more comments or think I've made a mistake.

I’ve updated our detailed schedule, where possible, to include all of these minor changes and clarifications. As always, I welcome your questions. Let me know how I can help.

English 306, Fall 2015, Bradley Dilger