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WIDE-EMU 2015 Session C, 1:30–2:40p | Make #C5 Bessey 317

Bradley Dilger
Associate Professor, Department of English, Purdue University
309-259-0328 ~ ~ @cbdilger

Project callout for Purdue University (PDF)
Project description

Existing archives

Documents for make stations

Depending on the numbers of people present, we'll select the activities to engage and divide ourselves accordingly.

  1. Activity #1: Personas and Scenarios
    1. Brainstorming & discussing personas
    2. Developing scenario elements for personas
  2. Activity #2: Functionality
    1. Brainstorming & discussing functionality
    2. Prioritizing functionality
  3. Activity #3: Brainstorming off-the-shelf approaches and scanning existing sites
    1. Brainstorming & discussing useful off-the-shelf or scanning existing solutions
    2. Developing paper prototypes based on solutions

After the session, I'll work through all the materials, make sure they are transcribed or scanned, and share them with all attendees.