Writing Program Administration #wpalife

ENG 680, Spring 2022, Purdue University
Bradley Dilger

TR 10:30a to 11:45a, WALC 3084

Expect a course starting from this one but with updates to account for the welcome recent attention to anti-racist WPA work. We will also include content about writing across the curriculum (WAC), beginning from introductory texts such as McLeod (2006) but also including very recent work.

Deliverables will vary by student needs. For many students, an annotated bibliography and a one-pager describing a future project are a good fit. Regardless of deliverable, all students will participate in a closing poster session to be held in the last week of class (4/26 and 4/28). All coursework will be due May 3, 2022.

Bradley Dilger <dilger@purdue.edu> 309-259-0328
Updated 14 Oct 2021