English 625, Empirical Research in Writing Studies, Spring 2019

Bradley Dilger, Purdue University
Weds, 11:30a to 2:30p, WALC 3148

Empirical research in writing has been an important part of writing studies for years, essential to fields such as second language studies and technical communication, and influential in composition studies since at least 1963, identified as a watershed year for that field by many scholars. In this seminar, we'll consider key issues for empirical research, undertaking an introduction to diverse methodologies, methods, and approaches, with considerable attention to research administration and best practices for conducting ethically responsible research. The semester will culminate in a public poster session (Wednesday, April 24, 2019, from noon to 1:30pm, location TBD) which features the tentative research design for a writing research project students could engage in the future, including a pilot study if feasible.

Books will include the following, supplemented by many articles:


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