CCCC presentation notes, 2008.04.04

  1. Goals:
    1. findability, accessibility, and usability of web sites associated with journals.
    2. English studies, especially writing studies.
  2. Why?
    1. We are far behind Google and Amazon.
    2. Describe what they do better.
    3. Not to compete with them, but be in the same league. And heck, to collaborate.
  3. How?
    1. Open standards.
    2. Not "standardista;" more carrot than stick.
    3. WaSP: examples, practical, link to not reinvent wheel.
  4. Establish common ground
    1. for humans & machines.
    2. Example: IITAA with why, how, references.
  5. Method:
    1. Draft standard, circulate, revise. Here is the standard.
    2. Implement: CF, CCCOA, Kairos, Enculturation.
    3. Collaborate. Library 2.0, open access.
    4. Promote, articles, examples.

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