Knowledge Shaping in the Action Hub at CCCC 2016

#4C16ACT | #4C16shaping

Hilton Grand Ballroom D–F, Level Four
Thu 4/7, 12:15pm to 4:30pm; Fri 4/8, 11:00am to 4:30pm

Work with others to turn research and knowledge from the field into messages for the broader public intended to change practices and result in action. Attendees can drop by during scheduled hours to consider how to share messages about research from our field with a wider audience. Attendees will work with others to, first, use a brainstorming heuristic that asks them who the stakeholders are for this research-based issue and, second, design messages about the issue for those stakeholders using a variety of modes and media. (Examples of research-based topics that need to be shared with a wider audience might include dual enrollment, class size, assessment, etc. Examples of modes and media with which attendees can work include Buzzfeed, letters to the editor, Piktochart, white papers, press releases, Medium, etc.).

Attendees should come with the research-based ideas they want to work with and be ready to engage in invention and message-creation.


No appointment needed! Just drop in. Facilitators will be available on both Thursday, April 7 and Friday, April 8:

How we'll help you

Facilitators will help everyone work through our heuristic for brainstorming.

Then we'll help you develop your message for one of the following media:

If you'd rather spend more time on brainstorming and invention, we can help you use the apps MindNode or SimpleMind.

Samples of our work

The Pre-College Credit Primer, a site created to help Florida high schoolers understand their options for earning college credit in high school.

Introduction to Professional Writing, Mary McCall’s infographic version of this syllabus.

Tutorials and how-to documents

About us

Facilitators: Wendy Sharer, Heidi McKee, Nawwaf Alzhami, Patrick Love, Mary McCall, Beth Towle, Bradley Dilger, Garrett Arban, Megan Lambert, Somaily Nieves, Emily Prouxl, Justiss Wilder, and Elizabeth Wardle.

Sponsored by the CCCC Research Committee.

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Updated 29 Mar 2016