Detailed schedule for orientation week

Updated Tue Aug 18 9:45pm

Tue 8/18

time location & description
8:30Technology, 106, & 505, mentor group, HEAV 106.
  • Check-ins: what's on your mind after Monday?
  • Mock teaching.
  • Discuss technology goals, means, outcomes for 505.
9:00Tech Mentoring, WTHR 212: MyPurdue, other Purdue resources for teaching.
Facilitated by Liz Lane and Dan Liddle, tech mentors.
10:00Finish core rhetorical concepts for 106, mentor group, HEAV 106.
  • Continue learning core rhetorical concepts for 106: visual rhetoric and rhetorical genre studies.
  • Discuss Yancey, "Composition in a new key"
  • Walk through VR readings from 106
  • Walk through Bazerman, "Speech acts" (WAW 365–394) and Dilger genre handout.
  • Discuss role of computing and networked writing, 106, and 505.
  • Discuss select readings, week-to-week trajectory for first unit.
  • Walk through detailed schedule.
  • Brainstorm classroom activities.
  • View examples of classroom activities.
12:00Lunch on your own.
1:00Using Blackboard, WTHR 212. Facilitated by Sherri Craig.
One hour demonstration followed by one hour guided work.
3:00Classroom activities, Mentor group, HEAV 106.
Group work, then mock teaching (two students).
4:00(Done for the day.)
Homework See email from 8/18, "Orientation: Tue 8/18 and Wed 8/19"

Wed 8/19

time location & description
8:30Mentor group, HEAV 225: Check-ins, conversation.
9:15Writing Lab orientation facilitated by Patrick Love, HEAV 226.
Discuss how Writing Lab can help you and your students.
10:00Conferencing, mentor group, HEAV 106.
  • Discuss conferencing manual.
  • Discuss conference center etiquette.
  • Discuss Newkirk, "First five minutes," and Harris, "Collaboration."
  • Mock conferences: introductory paragraphs and "About me" for syllabi
12:00Lunch on your own.
1:00Assisted work time, Beering B274:
  • Start customizing syllabus, assignments, and course schedule.
  • Begin working on Blackboard shell or web site for class.
  • Individual check-ins with Bradley.
3:00Mock teaching, Beering B274 (three students).
3:15Test of Purdue ALERT. So, don't panic.
4:00(Done for the day.)
  • Continue customizing syllabus, assignments, and course schedule.
  • Select and/or develop classroom activities for first weeks.
  • Review ESL materials for Thursday.

Thu 8/20

time location & description
8:30Mentor group, HEAV 106:
  • Check in and conversation.
  • Discuss Ortmier-Hooper, "I'm Not ESL."
9:00ESL/L2/international student training, HEAV 106: Silva and Bras, with Siet mentor group.
10:00First day and first week, mentor group, HEAV 106.
  • Discuss selections from First Day to First Grade
  • First day preparation
  • Classroom management issues
  • Further reading
12:00Lunch on your own OR international student lunch in PMU 263.
1:00Assisted work time, WTHR 214.
3:00Mock teaching, with Sherri Craig's class.
4:00(Done for the day.)
Homework Finalize course materials if possible for Friday AM copying.

Fri 8/21

time location & description
8:00Bradley office hours, HEAV 303B.
9:00Bradley in meetings.
11:00Bradley office hours, HEAV 303B.
12:00Pizza Lunch, CL50 224.
12:30Introductions of New TA’s, CL50 224.
1:00WAW Syllabus Approach Caucus: CL50 224, back center of room.
2:00ICaP Convocation for all instructors.
3:30Bradley office hours, HEAV 303B.
3:30(Done for the day.)
  • Prepare for first day of class!
  • Contact Bradley as needed for help over weekend.
  • Turn in materials in time to be printed for Monday morning.

Mon 8/17

time location & description
8:00Coffee at Starbucks, Purdue Memorial Union.
8:30Check in outside Purdue Memorial Union, East Faculty Lounge.
9:00Opening Session, PMU Faculty Lounge: Introductions and welcome to the ICaP program.
10:00Introduction to 106 and 505, mentor group, HEAV 106.
  • Introductions.
  • Overview of orientation week.
  • Goals for 505.
  • Relation of 106 to other courses in English.
  • Discuss ICAP Outcomes for 106.
  • Discuss ICAP program goals.
  • Discuss Elbow, "Cultures of literature and composition."
11:30Get keys from Lisa Hartman, HEAV 324.
11:45Lunch in PMU 260, 263AB. Continue introductions.
1:00Core rhetorical concepts for 106, mentor group, HEAV 106.
  • Introductions to core rhetorical concepts for teaching 106.
  • Walk through Beaufort's model of writing.
  • Discuss Herrick, "An overview of rhetoric" and rhetorical situation; walk through Grant-Davie in WAW (pp. 347–364).
  • Writing transfer: walk through Elon transfer statement and selections from Downs & Wardle, "Introduction to writing studies"
  • Activity theory: walk through Kain & Wardle, "Activity theory" in WAW (pp. 273–283).
  • Discuss Baron, "Pencils to pixels" and remediation; walk through selections from Brooks et al, "Remediation, genre, and motivation."
  • Discussion of course assignments.
  • Discussion of 106 goals, rhetorical concepts, and course assignments.
  • Mock teaching: summarize 106 goals and key concepts in five to seven minutes (three students).
4:00Payroll, STEW 218 ABCD (if necessary).
(Done for the day.)
Homework See email from 8/17, "Orientation: Mon 8/17 and Tue 8/18" — something like:
  • Create account on ICAP mentoring site.
  • Review all materials we'll discuss on Tuesday.
  • Read schedule and checklist for week.
  • Review course syllabus templates with 106 outcomes and core rhetorical concepts in mind.

ENG 505, Fall 2015, Bradley Dilger